Agile club is proud to invite Jeff Gothelf as a speaker for our 13th event.
The session description:
Traditionally, the definition of done for software has been focused on whether or not the software works as it was designed. Can you submit a form? Complete a task? Buy a product? Then the software works. This was relevant in a world of static software. Today, the software is continuous. We ship it daily. In this reality, where shipping software is a non-event, the question of “does it work?” is no longer relevant. What really starts to matter is what our users are doing with that software. And perhaps even more importantly, we should question if that’s what we want to happen. Someone sharing a picture of their new baby is one thing. Someone instigating a mob of Twitter trolls to harass a target is completely different. The systems we create generate outcomes — changes in user behavior. The modern, continuous nature of the software allows us to build learning loops into every aspect of our work and, in turn, determine if what we’re doing is generating the outcomes we expect. In this talk, Jeff will cover how technology can enable tremendous gains but, when coupled with the uncertainty of human behavior, can often go awry. How can we ensure we’re working on products that actually make our users more successful? And how do we inspire a new generation of designers and developers to consider a new definition of “done” — one focused on positively impacting customer behaviors.

Speaker Bio:
Jeff helps organizations build better products and executives build the cultures that build better products. He is the co-author of the award-winning book Lean UX and the Harvard Business Review Press book Sense & Respond. Jeff works as a coach, consultant and keynote speaker helping companies bridge the gaps between business agility, digital transformation, product management, and human-centered design. Most recently Jeff co-founded Sense & Respond Press, a publishing house for practical business books for busy executives.


Zoom Online Event