Software development is an innovation process. Because of that, people who work on creating software need to be provided with a certain environment to be able to be productive and effective. According to Daniel Pink who is a modern writer on business & management, innovative teams must be provided three things, purpose, autonomy, and mastery.
Our purpose is to increase people’s intrinsic motivation by giving them purpose and make them autonomous and help them master what they are doing.
In this interactive workshop, Mohamed is going to tackle 3 main topics to shape a team identify
1. Why do we exist? Our purpose is…
2. What do we hold dear? Our values and principles are…
3. Where we want to be in the future? Our vision is…
We are going to use Mural to do the exercise, and due to license restrictions, we are going to pick only 25 based on your motive to attend the workshop. The workshop is free yet we would like to ensure that you are motivated enough to attend the session and book a seat without showing up.
Speaker Bio:
Mohamed Gargouri is a Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Trainer Mohamed is passionate about Scrum. He loves its simplicity to deal with complexity. Mohamed helps organizations increasing their agility by implementing Scrum. He has now (in 2020) 7 years of experience as a Scrum Master with more than 15 years of experience in software product development. Mohamed loves providing training as a Scrum enthusiast to share his passion and knowledge about Scrum. It’s a great opportunity for him to share his experience and also help trainees on resolving their toughest questions to maximize the effectiveness of Scrum within their own organizations. His overall goal is to help teams and organizations improve their product delivery.
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