In this session, we will discuss the main questions that come into mind when people think about test automation. We begin by examining what exactly is test automation. We move to address some valid and invalid reasons to adopt it in your organization—following that we consider some factors that impact “when” test automation can be successful and how test automation plays an integral role in any Agile process model. Then we adopt a shift-left mindset and see how we can bake quality into the product by discussing how test automation can be applied in all layers starting from static code review tools, moving through the testing pyramid levels, and onto the cloud, we also address topics that are mainly used within an Agile development model such as ci/cd, DevOps, BDD/TDD, we then close by discussing the state of the art in visual testing and artificial intelligence. Our session is concluded with a study of the Egyptian market vs. the international market, and the introduction of the SDET role profile.

Mohab Mohie, A Consultant SDET with 9+ years of experience, and Senior Test Automation Instructor with 200+ students. He is holding several certificates in Agile Development, Software Quality Control, and Test Automation.