The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime – that is a lot of “life energy”.

As a new manager, supervisor, training specialist, or coaching professional, you want to make a difference. You aim lead the PEOPLE on your team to higher levels of performance. You aim to empower high-potential and well-being. You aim to guide others in tapping-into their greatest ability.

Yes, you’re already skilled at what you do. You are trained and effective in the processes and formalities.

However, . . .

When you accepted this new role, THEY never told you how complicated people really are. They never told you that in order to lead people how self-aware you’d need to become. They never told you how many moving parts are involved in generating sustainable high-performance year after year.



Moamen Said

With around 3500 Training Hours to more than 4000 Trainees and about 200 career coaching sessions.

Professional Speaker and Mentor for Learning and Development companies / Speakers and Training industries / Startups

And with 10 years of working experience, he worked in 5 different industries starting with the Educational industry, Telecommunication industry, outsourcing industry, Marketing, and PR industry and recently E-Learning industry which builds his experience and developed his skills.

He succeeded in building strong teams, effective processes, lunching accounts, creating training plans and developing people. In different leadership roles like Technical support Team leader at TEdata, Training Team leader at uber, SMEs team leader at UberEats and Marketing and PR manager at Language cafe

Within his Different Roles, he worked directly with different markets in EMEA for the customer experience enhancement and performance management for the training team and the operations as well and Now for enhancing the learning experience for the Middle East and Africa through his Role in