Anything that can go wrong will go wrong! That’s how Murphy’s law states that the fact that outages are inevitable and systems often misbehave.
As developers, we are working hard to build reliable and scalable systems, and it’s our job to keep the ship floating and the services up. In this session, we will talk about fires, how to put them out, and how to be ready for them. We will discuss abuser stories, degradation of service, and dependencies management as possible techniques to fight fires. We will discuss these techniques through some war stories and how they helped or could have helped service owners.
– What brought me here?
– What is fire?
– Firefighting Vs. The dev team
– How do you end up with fire?
– Your dependencies will fail.
– Feature toggles are your friends
– Abuser stories


Ahmed Eid.
Ahmed is a Software Developer @, with more than 6 years of professional work and an amateur developer and maker for twice that, Ahmed has been working on different scales and in different business domains. Currently, He is helping make it easier for everyone to experience the world. He is passionate about electronics, football, and philosophy.