One day, our team agreed with the manager Stephan that we will make decisions on the distribution of part of the bonuses on our own. Careful ly weighing the pros and cons of Stepan agreed to give us as much as 50%. He hoped that this would increase our productivity and co-operation. He was not mistaken-we worked cool and rolled out several releases in six months. But a week before day X, Stepan left to work at Tesla. And the manager Alina came to us, who did not know about the agreement and therefore she divided everything herself. We were crushed. However, on the next sprint retrospective, we worked out options for correcting such an annoying situation and discovered the Delegation Board. Presented in the form of a visual table, easy to fil with case sand solutions, DelegationBoard, allows you to fix the agreement with the manager openly. Also, the creation of such boards actively drives growth.


Bogdan Misyura is a follower of Jeff McKenna the trainer of the very first Scrum Team. Bogdan has managed projects with international corporations in Ukraine, Central Europe, and Middle East Asia, focusing on the process, program and delivery management. In that role, Bogdan has been in touch with people on all levels from engineering teams to the CxO’s. Bogdan’s consulting experience includes projects in the outsourcing and product It companies, banks, game development, and betting companies, etc. He has created the consulting and training company Brain Rain (the only partner of in Ukraine). He is also co-founder of the biggest agile conference in Ukraine – ScrumDayUA.