An avid audiobook listener, Visual communicator by education, Techie by interest, & an essentially by choice, Open source enthusiast. Driven by curiosity & coffee.

Mina can be described as a Comb shaped professional with experience in multiple verticals including Interaction & visual design, development, Agile teams facilitation & business modeling.

During his decade long career, Mina served as a brand strategist & digital consultant to many NGOs in Egypt, Canada & USA, He also acted as a Visual & Interaction designer for Mobility & Web, A Front-End Engineer in dynamic startups like Benchmark Tech Labs, Beamkast Inc, REVOsuite Inc.

With his focus on team culture & dynamics. He also served as a Technical Product Manager; Writing code while caring about why is this code being written in the first place. Handling DevOps, SalesOps & Product Ops, following the Essentialism model of doing whatever is necessary to contribute value to the team.

Mina also is a Speaker at Mobile Developer Weekend, Google Developer Group Day & he Co-Mentored startups at Flat-6-labs.